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The official website of Jacques-Alexandre Gillois

I'm a professional miniature sculptor and painter. I’ve been working in the miniature industry for the past ten years. This is my archive site.
This website replaces www.miniaturefactory.net, now fully dedicated to “Miniature Factory”, my personal brand (see ad above). In the future the minis will also be available on www.miniaturestore.net, that’s my shop, still a project.

Now for this website :
The Gallery contains images of my past work as a miniature sculptor and painter. You can easily browse it by choosing which brand, sculptor (that would be me, except for the ones I only painted), painter or year you want to display.

Projects briefly presents the projects, big or small, I’m currently working on. There you’ll find info about the expected release date of the minis, WIP pictures or links to the manufacturer’s website.

The Services section contains everything you need to know about me as a freelance artist.

The Tutorials section is dedicated to hobbyists. If you’re interested in miniatures as a hobby, you might find there a few interesting things.

Check out the Links to visit our friend sites and other sites of interest.

And if you have any question, do not hesitate to Contact me.

For those seeking info about Jacques-Alexandre Gillois, the contemporary artist (that’s me, too) I invite you to check my gallery at R_.